April 26, 2009

World's EASIEST job?

How the fuck do I get this job?!
I wanna be in the Canadian Army.
You wanna talk about the single LEAST stressful job on the Earth? This has to be it.

These cats look tough enough to hold off a group of pissed off 4th graders. IF the Bully was sick at home.

What in the fuck do these guys do all day???!

And honestly, why haven’t we just annexed this place? It’s very close to us, and from where I sit, unless the entire country’s stripper population lulls us into a sense of calm, from their above average B.J. skills, I don’t see HOW or what they could do about it.

Canadians, from my perspective have the single best situation ever.
If anyone were to try and invade them or fuck with them, guess who gets to stop it? Yes. US, as in we, the United States.

When you haven’t spent more than 11 dollars on defense in nearly a century, it’s REAL easy to provide healthcare and social benefits for all.

I mean just soak in the intimidation of those soldiers.

I’m qualified right now as we SPEAK, to be the overseeing GENERAL of the entire fucking force.

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March 24, 2010 at 12:05 PM

Attn: Unoriginal Pathetic Failure At Life

How do you get a job like that? Grow some balls, stop hiding behind a computer spouting others opinions and passing them off as your own, and join the military.

And really, you say pop goes the culture, but then you use pop cultures views and opinions to write your blogs. Your ideas arent original, theyre rehashed from, lets see, Fox news, the Red Eye Show, Dennis Leary, Stephen Colbert, need I go on? Tool.

Nice picture by the way, no doubt you and all your scag girlfriends think your fashion is super original. You look just like all the other film/grad students/other unemploy(ed/ables) that dress that way. Real original style, just like this real original blog! Wow, you’re special.

Again, “pop goes the culture” ? What the fuck are you? A U2 “song”? What culture? How does it go pop? Does it go pop by you ragging on it? Really, everything you write about makes me want to go and do the opposite, simply because it would upset you. Hopefully to the point you’d hang yourself in typical emo fashion.

That 1992 facial hair youre sporting? Real nice man, looks like you went down on it and came up with it.

The black and white photo to try and hide the ugliness that is you? Doesn’t work I’m afraid. Hide behind camera filters all you want, you still look like a toad who’s mother weened him on a pickle.

And last, close your eyes. Your hate and stupidity are showing.

*sigh* But what can we expect from a citizen of educated by a failed education system in a failed country that’s going down faster than your mom at a frat party.

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