April 25, 2009

It's only fair…..

I been WAY TOO into me lately, and I’m feelin it tonight.
This shit catches up with me a lot. And you would think one would learn.
Ah well….
I just KNOW that bein here, and what I’m up to is NOT about me. It’s about the collective whole of whatever I’m involved in. Whether it’s friends, work, family, whatever.
There is one fact in my life that has been repeated OVER AND FUCKIN OVER.

If I’m comin from a place of “how can I help?”, instead of “Why Aren’t I GETTING what I want?” my life seems to be fairly fuckin grand and amazing and filled to the brim, regardless of what I got or who I’m with, or what kinda scenario I’m existing in.

When I’m outta self, the calm can be the fuckin storm itself. I’m good anywhere, under any situation.

When I’m not, I can be getting everything I think is gonna make me happy, and I feel empty.

There’s more work to be done. I’m full of the human condition.
It’s time for some inspiration, which means I NEED TO GO DO SOME INSPIRIN!

I already feel better…..

God is. However you define that word for yourself.

For real.

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