April 24, 2009

NFL Draft 2009

Meet Matthew Stafford.
Stafford, barring any weirdness, will be the first kid taken tommorra in the NFL draft. The Detroit Lions will select him first, and an ENTIRE lifetime of work and dedication will be rewarded financially.
MY opinion of him bein the first pick is irrelevant for this post.
The draft has become a huge TV event, and tommorra when I’m screamin at my team for takin who I think is the “wrong” guy for my team, I will do everything I can to remember the absolute joy of this thing.
Mamas, if you have a Papa rollin around in his socks early in the A.M. turnin this on to watch, spend 20 minutes tryin it.
This has become more and more interesting to me, because I have kids that I have coached, that have the most awful “circumstances” imaginable, and their focus on football MAY end up changin the dynamic of their FAMILY TREE forever.
Good luck, and congrats to Matt Stafford, and every single other guy that gets drafted tommorra. You have all earned it. There isn’t ONE “lucky” kid tommorra. Those kids have worked their fuckin asses off.


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