April 24, 2009

Attn: Mobile pic sender Mamas

It’s a weird new day.
Girl-Mamas in the range of 21-25, I have noticed, especially recently, are NOT AFRAID to send the most insane pics of themselves over the internet, over the phone, via facebook I.M., whatever…. It’s fuckin crazy.
It’s gotta be a sign of the times.
When I was growin up, if you pulled out a camera anywhere near a mama when she was in a bra, she was ready to fuckin crush your nuts.
The other day, I was on Facebook, a mama popped up said Hi, I said Hi back, and then I received a fucking rolodex of pictures that seemed to focus on her showing me her fuckin spleen.
I couldn’t fuckin believe it.

MAMAS!!!!! Simple rules about sendin pics off….

1. The close-up of your snatch is a bummer. A BUMMER! When we look at those we are only lookin for what’s WRONG with that area. NO SPLEEN SHOTS!

2. Curves, angles, lighting….. The allure of Mamas is that we Papas are innately still fascinated with your body. Always. We sorta always can’t believe we are getting to see it. Take pics that YOU think are sexy as a woman. We like those.

3. FINALLY….. TEASE US! That’s what we like. Show SOME leg, not all. Cup a boob with your hand and show us SOME of your chest. The key to us Papas is that we are always in a state of bein 14, and thinkin “man is this really gonna happen?” Tease us.

This will also save you the NIGHTMARE of some asshole who can’t manage his emotionality right, and will post your intimacy on to the world wide intrawhackandjack site of his choosing, after you guys break up.

Again, you guys are, and always WILL be the boss ultimately.

NOW, that bein said, start sendin…..

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