April 22, 2009

REPOST…. The Audacity of Hate

I found this quite lucky and fortuitous on the day of last saturdays civil rights march downtown.
Just off the subway that I use way too infrequently, and as my group of friends dug it’s way into the morass of gleeful dickswingin, and joyful same-sex ass holding, I looked up to see the “Pariah Hilton” himself.
I felt a ton of blood rush to the head that houses my legitamate brain, and I wanted to intially punch him in the side of the head.
The amount of emotional turmoil this fucker has caused, the shallow and malicious and hateful daily remarks that have merit but without any solution. As shallow as talkin about someone’s weight, or big ears, or fugly kid, or wrinkly face. Mean spirited, and cowardly barbarianism in the form of truth. It’s so completely reminiscent of the terrified cool chicks at school that layed waste to peoples psyches to lift their own. A straight up emotionally vicious hateful bully.
And here he is holdin up his sign, and chantin, unbelievably, NO ON HATE????!!!!!
If I lay into someone it’s purely an opinion based on behavior or an unauthentic twinge. And it’s not malicious, or hateful in a way that someone can’t dismiss as me not understanding them. Which very well could be the case.
There’s no doubt. It’s personal between me and “Pariah”. He has consistently hurt the deepest feelings of some really good friends of mine, and in a way that often times makes them feel helpless.
That is fuckin OVER.
I’m on you my man. I’m gonna stay on you. And I’m gonna make fun of you with the tools you use. Only for you.
I’m gonna talk about that wood-fire cooked canadian bacon and pineapple pizza you got permanently growin off your face. I’m gonna talk about the oily residue you leave because you just won’t shower. I’m gonna talk about that sweater you got growin on your teeth. I’m gonna talk about it all.
It’s time.

You straight up fuckin deserve it.

NOonH8TE??! Gimme a fuckin break.

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