April 21, 2009

I gotta say it….

I watched this shit last Saturday, as I have been tryin to get “into” it.
But after this last weekends “showdowns”, one thing is very clear.

These dudes so wanna fuck each other, and aren’t capable of processing that emotionally.

So instead, they get in these fuckin banana hammocks, and rear naked choke each other into “SUBMISSION”.

I mean cmon!!!!

I propose that the winner of each bout from here on out, gets to take the other one into a room and mount the other in the dark for 7 whole minutes.

It will save the promoters havin to pay purse money.

This aint about money for these dudes.

This is about sweat, and grime, and rollin around, and self-hatred cause they haven’t figured out, it’s COMPLETELY normal and ok to like the same sex.

Just fuck and get it over with.


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