April 17, 2009

Attn: All of us

Celeb Couples…..
Oh how easy, generally, they are to thrash and pick holes in.

But somethin happened on the way to me forming an opinion of these two.

They are actually extremely fuckin rad people.

The judgement “sledgehammer” that I thought for sure could be applied to these two, fortunately just can’t be wielded.

Havin been raised by a single mother with two kids under the age of 4yrs old, and having no job when all this occurred, I have a massive amount of experience in feeling terrified, unsafe and constantly feeling like there is a “crocodile in the closet”. At anytime I could be hurt. Or at least those are the memories of my feelings as a child.

This couple formed the Madden-Richie Foundation to assist needy single mothers. Raise money and awareness for the very truest of heroes in America.

Their charity has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they have used their “collective fame” together to look outside themselves and better the “whole”.

You won’t find me having anything but the best things to say about them.

I work with gang-risk kids in the San Fernando Valley every fall coaching a football team, and I am here to tell you that the very biggest problem is that these kids fathers, most of them, have failed miserably at the ONLY thing they needed to get right as men.

I have been brought to tears on the way home countless times as I think about the massive amount of work and fear most of their single mothers must feel daily. That helplessness becoming a part of their daily feeling set.

It’s sorta special that Richie and Madden are connected enough to the planet that they have, through their actions, tried to do something to help.

It’s so very nice to watch these two not be the oh so typical cliche that our society almost forces them to be.

Please go HERE, and get some information on how you can help them.

I wouldn’t normally spend this kinda time on a post, but these two get it right, and their cause is RIGHT IN MY WHEELHOUSE, as I have LIVED through the fear of a single mother in need.

“there are no others, like single mothers”


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