April 16, 2009


Neil F. Williams. Google his ass… I couldn’t find a picture of him anywhere.
This freak has come up with a “new P.E.” approach that would outlaw ANY activity in schools that had a winner or a loser. Including duck-duck-goose, and musical chairs.


He also would prefer kids to jumpe rope WITHOUT a rope so that they can’t fail.

This cat has a P.H.D.

For anyone else who would like to follow me back to reality, the biggest and most important lessons I have ever learned have come from failing.

It’s from failing, that I learn how to PERSERVERE, try harder, dedicate myself more, and set healthy goals that allow mke to understand the true nature of my own humaness, and that sometimes life isn’t always FAIR, and sometimes I have to just ALLOW the IDEA that the true success is that I was willing to FAIL.

Yo, DOC. I hope a penny falls off the Empire State Building and clips your ear off.

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