April 16, 2009


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It’s 10 years ago this week that two kids rolled into a school in Columbine and played out their own version of a first-person shooter game on a couple thousand others.
Harris and Klebold.
Again, this shit for me comes down to simple math.

Kids aren’t usually born fuckin nuts and insane and disgruntled to the point where they lack the ability to reason.
There was a lotta pain, and self-destruction, and both these kids obviously found solace in each other.
I watch this video and see the crazy trenchcoat looks, the guns aquired, and I think to myself..

“Where were the fucking PARENTS!!!!!????”

There’s just no fuckin way my kid goes from playin in little league to this look and I, as a parent NOT NOTICING that somethin is probly a bit askew with my kid.

This was truly an avoidable disaster.

Or, two emmisaries of EVIL found each other in the world, to create a perfect storm of madness…

I aint buyin that.

These parents should be held somewhat accountable on some level.


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