April 16, 2009

Attn: United Nations

Is it me, or is this the biggest fuckin FARCE of a body ever.
I’m 38 years old, and to my knowledge, in 38 fuckin years, this body of over educated assholes has managed to do absolutely nothing.

Why do we continue to fund this thing?!

It’s only purpose is to provide a forum to politicize and sway a court of public opinion to the side you want the public to be on, so you can gather support to attack someone, or lock up resources.

A U.N. “sanction” is right up there in importance as a “” sanction, which obviously means fucking nothing.

Peacekeeping missions my ass.

It’s another word for the U.S. to roll tanks and troops in somewhere.

There was ALMOST a bit of good done in Bosnia.

Again this is just in my timeframe of life, and I don’t seem to know much.

But fuck off U.N. papas, and mamas.

That’s a lot of paid feasts at the Russian Tea Room while you sit around in three thousand dollar suits, jerking each other off.


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