April 15, 2009

Attn: Mamas

Let’s get somethin real straight.
This planet would be an AWFUL, HORRID place without estrogen.
Anything useful or cooperative or endearing or charming or constructive that comes outta me is when I am for that minute, connected to my “femaleness”, whatever that fuckin means.
Anytime I’m bein a dis-service to the planet, or coming from a place of ego or fear, it’s seemingly when I’m acting my most “male”.

Far superior to us as creatures physically, emotionally, and sexually, it’s obvious that we needed to do somethin real fuckin quick a billion years ago to subjugate you.

It’s a far lopsided power structure, and honestly we had to set it up this way, or we woulda really been locked up, summoned for “seed” when needed, and then put back in our cages.

So in this sense, I’m pretty glad it all worked out this way.

But just know, that I know…..

Whenever I’m at my very best as a person, I’m most often lookin at the world through the eyes of my girlness.

Thank you.

Now back in the closet. You turn me on in there.

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