April 14, 2009

Attn: Corporate American greed

It’s sorta hard to believe that this is happening to one of the most important cities in the history of the growth of this country.
Detroit, which gave us the very best sound of Motown, and stabilized the country financially with it’s booming economy for over 70 years, has now vaporized into a shell and dilapitated present day ghost town.
I’m far too not smart enough to even begin to know how to fix this, as humans flle this warzone like water through a sieve.
But I do know that the car industry, and making bad deals with unions for 40 years because for so long they made gazillions and could afford to make bad deals then, have now, as a result, crippled their own industry, and in the same breath taken a jewel of the USA with it.

There are so many reasons to be mad at corporate greed in America.

I give you reason 351,853.

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