April 10, 2009


Now before their is an unfair revolt here, and people start twittering I’m a racist, just lemme throw down the disclaimer that I’m not. And further, I believe that our differences in color are amazing, and as long as we are able to have authentic dialogue about those differences, it allows us to not be ignorant or afraid of what we don’t understand. That bein said….

Why, typically, do black parents come up with some of the craziest names fuckin EVER for children?!

Shaqueisha, Lakeisha, LaRondon, Shalivia, Jaquez, LeRon, and the list goes on…

And obviously I don’t mean crazy, in the sense that there is anything WRONG… they just seem wacky to me, based on my whitey roots.

I just imagine myself lookin at Boston when he was in the incubator, and there’s no way I’m thinkin, “Fuck, there’s little Rolando”.

Now black people may think I’m just as insane for using a city as a name for my kid, and I’d be totally into them makin fun of me for doin so.

Again, it’s fascinating, not SCARY, why we do things differently based on cultural and socioeconomic reasoning.

So if anyone, black, white or purple has an answer why GENERALLY a black baby maybe called LeRoy instead of Roy, I would LOVE to understand….

Awesomelly in need of bein schooled…


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