April 9, 2009

Attention: "it's complicateds"

There is nothing COMPLICATED about people using the “It’s Complicated” box on their profile to fuck with someone emotionally.
“it’s complicated is bein in Iraq fighting a war, and gettin in a fight with your wife, and then not bein able to use the phone for a month because you are on patrol…. THAT’S FUCKIN COMPLICATED!

A veteran and guilty participant in the “it’s complicated” EMOTIONAL WARFARE game, I think anyone who has that on their facebook status right now, needs to pick up the phone or their blackerry and text or say this…..

“Yo, I love you and I don’t entirely know how we got here, because I’m not very good at these relationship things, but I know that WE make ME totally willing to admit that, AND do whatever I can to see my part in whatever I need to, because I miss my dog and playin footsie and eating cheetos with you while we watch Grease Academy on tivo. I love you so much and am a dolt.”

It aint that fuckin complicated…..

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