April 8, 2009

Enough is enough

If this guy doesn’t go home tonight, I’m throwin my fuckin tv out the window.
And I will film it and post it on this blog.
I swear.

It will officially start to become unfair if this dude escapes tonight.

This show is called American Idol.

Not, “well fuck the guy is blind, and I feel sorry for him so let’s keep him on American Idol”.

The rest of these kids are better than him, and they don’t deserve to have their dreams crushed by a guy with less talent and absolutely no chance of havin a career, because we all feel sorry for his ass.

There is NO REASON to feel sorry for him!!! He has done an amazing job, and this will be one of the biggest experiences of his life, maybe the biggest.
He gets to go on tour, and perform for tens of thousands all summer.


FUCK OFF SCOTT….. Get out.

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