April 3, 2009

Attn: Tourists

HEY!!!! If you are here from somewhere else, wherever that is, and you are interested in doin one of those bus tours where you drive around to see famous people’s homes, it makes you RIGHT ON THE BORDER OF FUCKIN STALKER.
Toolin around all day with some outta work actor jabberin away on a loudspeaker about how Brad once had a burger somewhere, is fuckin weird.
And YOU ARE ALWAYS IN THE FUCKIN WAY. I’m almost ALWAYS stuck behind you assholes when I’m 15 min late for somethin important, and the god damn open carriage converted U-haul thing you are in only goes about 11mph ALL THE FUCKIN TIME!
Hollywood can be exciting, but drivin around to see Will Smith’s gate, or Tom and Katie’s fuckin gardner for 2 minutes in the hopes that he will be leaving in his caravan of smoked glass vehicles doesn’t MAKE YOU ANY MORE INVOLVED with their life.

You are a public fuckin nuisance and you are routinely a hassle and made fun of.

Love, Shane

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