March 30, 2009

Attn: Boston Powers

It’s your dad. I’m listenin to that Lauryn Hill track Zion. I think you know where this headed.

The experience of bein your father will surely be the single most important and greatest experience in the history of my life.
Words can’t adequately explain or articulate how lucky I am that get the honor of bein your dad.
As the years scream by, and our life experience together grows, I can only assure you that I have the utmost faith in the person you are.
I have never met anyone your age with the ability to live and think for others the way you do.
I get to learn from us everyday. And hopefully just a smidge of the best of me is helpful in your decision making to think outside the box, really LIVE your life, shower passion and tolerance and conviction and inspiration into the daily lives of others.
Find the beauty in the mess. Continue your idealism. Breathe big, dream bigger. And find the comfort in the grey. Right and Wrong are only definitions. There are only choices and consequences, and learning from them so we can become a better part of the collective whole.

To the beauty of bein human, failing, makin mistakes, and chasing down dreams, and gatherin the spirit in you that is truly special.

I stand here… somewhat speechless…..

Love, Pop

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