March 29, 2009

Pandering, Crooning, Famestarved Dipshit

I don’t know WHY I personalize this Dipshits behavior. I think it’s because he is so brutally unauthentic and transparent to me, that I’m quite shocked that he hasn’t been scuttlebutted from whatever circle he is unquestionably over excited to be welcomed into now.
The idea that this cat would ever be clubbing and hanging out with Perez Hilton kinda sums up this douchebags pandering.
Perez Hilton talks about people’s children and how ugly they are purely to get a rise out of people and find the part of the human condition that is in all of us, that is ugly and needs to stay asleep.

And the Newstand Pick-up Artist was at one time “rolling” with this scum.

You are disingenuous my man. That makes you hollow. Which of course, you pride yourself on not being.

Mr. Depth and Soulful Weight, I pray the day you pull a Cat Stevens, and run off to a Monk farm somewhere in the Himalayas, and not be heard from for years.

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