March 28, 2009

Attn: United States Government

YOU are the reason we have an illegal immigration problem in this country, and it fuckin pisses me off to no end.
Personally affected by this when I was a 21 yr old kid, because I was broke, and my son was thrown off of state funded medical insurance at 18 months old because the system was SUCKED FUCKIN DRY by millions who live and play and work here but don’t PAY to be here, I used to be VEHEMENTLY CONSERVATIVE on this stance.
At one point, I was fully in support of putting machine gun turrets on the border and MOWING DOWN any man woman or child that stepped one foot across on to American soil.
This obviously would have made people think at least three times about makin the dash across.
But as I have gotten older…..

I understand that this is the single greatest country, even with the bad shit, on the planet. You can come here and become anything you want. You can practice any religion, speak whatever is on your mind. Not catch a beating if you are a Mama and a shawl slips off your back.

We fuckin rule.

And honestly if I was an illegal immigrant I would do ANYTHING to be here too.

All that bein said, the federal government HAS TO QUIT PLAYING POLITICAL HOT POTATO with this issue.

We need to find a uniform policy where we allow immigration to exist in a way where people that wanna become “Americanized”, can bring the soul and differences and perfect flavor of their origins here and make this the most diverse and sexy place on the planet.

There is nothin more exciting than the differences in all of us here.

My child is a full flavored, color-full human because of his interactions living in Los Angeles. I’m so very grateful for his upbringin, and I’m a better father because of HIS experiences.

BUT we have to set limits, and then have a UNIFORM plan of prosecuting and stopping illegal immigration. A policy that is fair and FIRM.

I blame our government for not putting this together. We have elected you to lead. Not pander for the next election cycle.

Please, please,please get to work.

Again, like everything, the answer lies somewhere in discussion and the grey.


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