March 23, 2009

Bad Poppa….

Poppa, we all got the joke. The Special Olympics reference is all fine, and yes we know that it has become part of an acceptable vernacular to tease about bein bad at something.


As the “Poppa” you are NO LONGER ALLOWED to joke like this. One of the billion drawbacks to bein ambitious enough to want the shit job you now have.

The immediate apology was dope, and again you prove that it aint about bein right, but more about bein forthright.

You always handle yourself perfectly, even when you are human and imperfect.

BY THE WAY, there is somethin amazing about you bein able to end the world, to be THAT powerful, with the push of a button, and this dude would fuckin SLAY you a hundred out of a hundred times in a game of bowling.

carry on Poppa…

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