March 19, 2009

Selfish Cocksucker Alert…….

I was reminded of this the other day when there was this horribly sad death of a public person. Someone I never met, have no connection to at all, but at the same time have been not affected by, but it made me think…

About this kook.

I’m gonna catch a beatin for this but I don’t give a shit.

I, like everyone else was a big fan of this dudes poetry, and his contribution to music was a decent one. But who fuckin cares. It’s boring.

He was the father to a two year old child, and it was SO ALL ABOUT HIM ALWAYS that he put a shotgun in his mouth, and left this little girl alone. Like FOREVER style alone.

It’s not ok.

I know he was “conflicted” and in “oh so much pain”, but fuckin spare me.
More money than this little urchin knew what to do with, a never ending line of people lined up to help him on a moments notice, ready to do ANYTHING to help him heal his brain, and he couldn’t get outta self long enough, if for even seconds, to look at the planet from a different view other than his own, frankly I believe contrived identity, and think of his responsibility to be around to help guide his baby so that SHE wouldn’t have to endure falling into the same bullshit he did.

I know drug addiction is awful. I have survived it. I have been where this dude was. And suicide for sure could be an option, EXCEPT that I made a choice to be a father.

Suicide in itself is a selfish act, and friends and family are morosely affected by anyone who takes their own life and it isn’t fair. But I would be willing to let killing yourself slide, UNLESS you have made a decision to be responsible for the progress of another.

Kurt, you were a bum for this. A half a man, and you failed miserably at the ONLY thing in your life you had to get right.

Just bein a parent.
Just bein there to listen
Just bein there to hold a hand.
Just bein…..

You sir, were a joke.


P.S. We could always ask how his daughter feels about his choices.

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