March 18, 2009

Aint mad……

I got this from facebook, from a kid named Will. I was gonna put his pic up, but then realized that his parents MAY not enjoy the humor I do. It’s these things that warm my heart….He sent this to all the Survivors he has on his facebook page….

Hey guys! I know you probably get 5,000,000 messages a day so sorry to bother you guys (if it’s annoying to you to get 5,000,000 a day).

I just thought I’d let you know that if any of you guys are gonna be in or feel like visiting the Philadelphia area on or around April 3rd, my school play is having its one and only performance April 3rd. It’s nothing special. It’s one of those school plays nobody but the author has heard of and schools buy it off the internet while the next district over does Sweeny Todd and Rent! (grrr! yes they make school editions of those.)

Anyways. Nothing too exciting. The thing is I’ve been watching Survivor since the first day. (the day after my 6th birthday) A lot of my friends like Survivor as well as my English teacher and it’d be kinda cool to have Survivors in the audience.

So if you or a Survivor you know might be interested let me know and I’ll send you more information. And don’t worry tickets are only $3.00.

Once again sorry to bother!

Survivor’s #1 Fanatic,

Sincerely, good luck with your play WILL!!!

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