March 16, 2009

Let the MADNESS Begin!!!!!!

A word to the Mamas. It’s March Madness. The three week long basketball tournament thatd decides the collegiate national champion.

You may know it as that three week time frame where your Papa is droning on and on with phrases like these…

-Fuck!! I NEED DUKE to pull this out, or the next two weeks of my life are fuckin over!!

-It’s cool, I got that in my other bracket

-Babe can u please offer yourself up as a sex slave to the entire UCONN starting five if they survive this game? I have them to the four.

OK, maybe that last one is limited to a couple freaks like me.

Thre is no better thing in sports. Nothing more fair. Nothing more exciting. Nothing more American.

65 teams all having a chance to win the whole nugget, and bein rewarded accdordingly with a seeding system that gives teams who have been great in the regular season an easier path to the title.

And also gives the underdogs a chance.

I realize as I type this tryin to explain to Mamas, that they really don’t give a shit, but whatever.

Just know if your man comes running from the living room screaming and shredding paper that it’s on NO LEVEL a good thing, and you may wanna make his life a BIT better by bein docile for a half a second and throwin some mock understanding his way.


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