March 8, 2009

Meghan McCain (RILF)

I’m feelin Meghan McCain.

She seems pretty adjusted, and somewhat of an independent thinker.
She seems to have spirit and sass and I was reading her blog and came across a playlist she listed that has the band X on it.

For whatever the reason this is a HUGE turn on.

And if I’m honest with us all, I have a strange thing for just overweight Mamas.

Not REAL overweight… just “Big-Boned” type overweight.
I’m not a big guy, in ANY capacity sadly, so there’s a whole climbing and wrestling and “controlling the beast” concept I’m down with.

It’s my guilty pleasure.

(who’s ready to throw up yet?)

So mama, congrats. You are the second R.I.L.F ever listed here.

Let’s read some Goldwater and get fuckin nasty.

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