February 21, 2009

Gratuitous, shirt on, hat on, poetry laden, friday night reality

from the very last time
it came to face me
I have seemingly breathed deep
and fallen free
from the younger
more fucked up version
of what I’m responsible for.

life is all over me
with weird new opportunities
to take charge of myself
and throw out the weeds
I have been growin for so long
that have nothing to do
with who I am
or what I really want to be.

Truth be told
all the glory
I hold for other people again
has my nose scrunched up
with hope that I can be
the very man I like to read about
and mimic.

Bein alive again
with all the good
fightin off the regretful bad
seems not so loony tooney
and more like
the festive ray of lights
that glimmered at the end
of my very long tunnel.

I’m no longer the broken down
self riddled cliche
I tried so badly to lean into.

The journey is all I have
and all I want
after I get past
the past.

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