February 20, 2009


YouTube Preview ImageConan O’briens older brother Rick Astley.
The “Rick Roll”.

PLEASE focus on the “jean on jean” combo in the blazing hot sun with the “Powter” complexion at 30 seconds in.

This guy set back Whitey 30 years. Period.

The plight of the American Negro has been long and painful and unjust, and hopefully with Poppa in power, on the track to ending.

But this carrot, with this dance, with this song, 25 years ago, set in motion the visual interpretation of white man cometh with noeth rhythmeth.

To this day, whether a mama knows it or not, when she watches me dance, there’s always a second of this fucktard and his “moves” flashin thru her head, making it nearly impossible for me to “catch some heat”.

Thanks Rick.

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