February 20, 2009

Attn: Ted Haggered

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Let’s review….

Pastor Ted Haggered was arguably one of the most influencial people in America less than three years ago, as he was the “Big Gayhuna” of an Evangelical “Super Church” located in Colorado.
An estimated THIRTY MILLION Evangelical Christians were at his disposal, and because of his standing in the movement, he had a WEEKLY audience with former President Bush.

Since then, ole Haggered was busted smoking meth with his gay lover, and has been banished from the church.

But for YEARS this guy denounced and judged hypocritically a lifestyle he hid for decades.

I know there are bad apples everywhere, but to have a guy THIS powerful in America living with the kind of shame and guilt and remorse all the time that I’m sure he did, it goes without saying that I’d much rather use this ridiculous tale of truth to implore people to live and be who they are.

I sincerely hope this dude gathers up the nuts to look at his wife and say “babe, I love cock, and there is NOTHING wrong with that, except to deny myself who I am”.

And then, hopefully he heads to a gay bar and joins an oily and messy and rough male only FUCKFEST.

After all the decades of not bein who you arem you DESERVE to even go “raw dog” a few times.


P.S. Watch the above video and then try and imagine a 4 day meth smoking binge with this freak.

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