February 13, 2009

Ike Returns…..

The more info that comes out about this fuckin child, the more pissed off I get.
I know I stated earlier this week that there is NO REASON EVER to put your hands on a woman.
But I meant in like a bitchslap, or open handed style.
This fuckin punk evidently UFC’ed her.
There should be no “sliding scale” of the “severity” of a beatin from a guy to a girl, but somehow the fact that this guy beat her like he was beatin on a dude makes it fuckin worse for me.
I was willing to peep the other side, see it from where he’s comin from based on the information he got as a kid, which in my head, is all we really try to fight to learn to unravel.
But hearin the details, this guy needs to catch a death warrant from Lord and Master, Jay-Z.
Lord, I hereby get outta the way of your desire to have this fuckin kid executed.
He need a 5 dude super gnar-gnar posse to go at him with a louisville slugger.
And hopefully he will do jail time, and we can turn the Doublemint phrasework into Double Penetration.

Take care you fuckin piece of shit….

time to REAP what you SEWED.

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