February 11, 2009

Revenge of the NERDS

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Fuckin committed…. there is no other bastion on earth that has the amount of fat picked on grade schoolers than this convention.
I’ve actually been to one of these, and to be even more honest, this Comi-Con draws so many thousands of imapssioned fuckin nerds that they are actually driving marketing and advertising strategies.
Thousands of dweebs PACK auditoriums where they watch movie trailers, SPECIFICALLY made for their Comi_con viewing and right after a 3 minute screening, there are millions of caped freaks dashing for computers to blog and start fueling their own dork egos to pronounce they were one of the very first to catch a millisecong glimpse of what Sandman is gonna look like.
I’m not mad at Nerdpalooza.
One of them actually chased me with an aluminum foil sword.

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