February 7, 2009

Return of the Johnny Depp nutsack leetch

This douchebag has GOT to be kidding.
Look at this photo.
I had the “pleasure” of meetin this dude recently at a party, and lemme tell you it was everything I expected it to be.
I was checkin in with an aquaintance girl of mine, havin a nice moment, and this fuckin clown came stumblin over wasted and chewin his face off.
I will prtect the identity of the girl because she’s a sweet mama, and indetifyable. Johnny Schlepp barged his way into the convo, completely outta line, and couldn’t have sold his image of unauthentic, vapid, desperate hungry hippo personna anymore.
Watchin his “typewriter face” grind out some unintelligable non-funniness in the vein of bein clever was too much so I told the guyn to step the fuck back off of me or he was gonna have a real problem.
This turned into immediate self-centered terror, and goofy “just jokin” around garble.
hey “Nutsack”, you are so very close to through that it’s delicious to imagine bein able to read and follow your fall.

Thourougly glad to know that I was right on about you bein the king tool I knew you were,


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