February 2, 2009

The Human Condition

This here is one EXPENSIVE bong load.
Right now, Michael Phelps is hearing the sound of thousands of corporate entities fleeing in an other direction of how to market their products.
Is Phelps a bad kid? Fuckin no way.
Is Michael Phelps a complete and utter youthful fuckin idiot for doin this around anyone with a camera? Check.
It also gets a bit tricky with doping regulations for him, as this is on the list of possible shit you can get DQ’ed for at swimming meets.
If weed is your thing Mikey, you CERTAINLY deserve to smoke yourself into a fucking COMA. Billions of grunt type hours in a pool, the immense dedication and grind that it must take to accomplish what you have. It’s def time to blow off some smoke. And we see here that you are.
But FUCK MAN!!! this is the most expensive sack of sticky that you will EVER purchase and evidently share with fuckin scum that obviously didn’t have your back.
I know you have a thing with your dog. It’s time for you to circle the wagons, get an x-box gold membership, and tighten the reins on who u smoke with man.

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