January 27, 2009

Attn: Tygress

I’m fuckin over you.
You are an exploitative, insincere, HYPER ambitious fuckin beast.
I was watchin a portion of your show the other day as I waited in a hospital waiting room, which would be the only reason I would be watching your show. There was no channel changer, and I tried my best to read a 6 month old copy of People magazine to try and tune you out, and your ridiculous exploitation of an overweight woman,who you disingenuously consoling as you had cameras shoot her from every single bad fatlady angle, while the video of her overeating woes blared through.
This coming from a woman who acted victimized by the press for this shot above.
Please fuckin spare me… your ego has understandably gone next level nuclear.
Your patronizing is a bit laughable.
Your entire empire is based on dialing into viewers fears and morbid interest in the shallow and pretentious values of how someone looks… whether it be that stupid model show where you lovingly play “Glamchop All-understandin Model Den Mom” of course whilst praying for catty young, insecure chick shit to unfold.
Tygress, you are not authentic. You are rich. But you aren’t real.



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