January 24, 2009

for C.C.

I think this may be the first time ever that I have DIRECTLY talked to someone in my life on this blog.
It’s necessary today.

To try and correctly articulate all the ways your being has influenced me isn’t entirely possible.
I have lived a HUGE and FULL life. I have had a 7 minute one-on-one chat with the President of the United States of America before the craziness of him tryin to get elected.
I have had extensive lengthy discussions with mogul billionaires while flyin cross country on the plane they owned.
I have enjoyed fruitful dialogue with somke of the most successful actors of our times, and listened in curiosity as they explained their ascent.
I have raised a pretty great 16 yr old human being who’s only desire in this fucked up, often badly prioritized world, is to grow up to be a teacher and a basketball coach.
I have felt the sun on my face on the other side of the world, all alone, and full of everything that I can be.
But you sir, are the only person that has continually made me feel inspired and ambitious at the very same time. Two things that inherently don’t ever go together, and things that no doubt hold me back.
Your authenticity and abilities and easeless ability to motivate through your very own excited passion is what makes a leader a great leader.
I know this isn’t doin how you make me feel abou8t life any justice, so watch above.
All the time you turn my life into this kinda feelin.

I’d follow you, with NO QUESTIONS ASKED, into anything you decided.

that’s how much I believe.

till the end…..



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