January 24, 2009

Attn: Sasha Turdavich

Hey Turd…. I have mixed feelins about your existence.
Let’s just get this straight though.. I fuckin HATE you.
You have that loony, garbage, undisciplined Eatern Bloc basketball mentality. Shhot first ask questions later. Don’t move the ball. Let your emotions take your team out of a game flow. Commit stupid fouls. The entire game of that kid when he was 10 yrs old on the basketball court, gettin frozen out by dudes who were sick and fuckin tired of you shootin them right out of a game.
You’re garbage.
The good news is that you play on the team I hate the most. So as long as you wear those horrid colors you wear, PLEASE continue exactly what it is that you do.
Be a fuckin hassle and a nightmare for your teammates.
Seein you out aand about town in your ed hardy on ed hardy on ed hardy jouster super combo outfit is awesome.
Goa and your 9 bottles and your canary ferrari aside, stay healthy while you try to wreck the Lakeshow’s play-off run.


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