January 21, 2009

Welcome home Poppa!!!!

If every person in america gave one hour a week, just one, in service to
somethin that they dig, (coaching gang risk youth) in my case, that would add up
to 270 million service hours a week.
That’s like zagillions of hours a year.
Its this kinda thinkin that’s gonna get us somewhere. Its the kinda thinkin
Poppa got whirlied up inside of us. Its truly the kinda thinkin that can save
and build and inspire.
I can’t wait for tommorras goosebumps as we watch an ENORMOUSLY historic event
go down for a MULTITUDE of reasons.
But at the end of it all, after all the swearin-in one big main Poppa can do,
its still gonna come down to little old us as individuals, to fix and plant and
grow and nurture.
I’m down today. Some days I won’t be. But we can pick each other up on the

Life is superfuckinneato.

Let’s get after it.


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