January 21, 2009

The King and only…..

How prophetic and strange you got that last name.
Its your day. I should read from you and study the teachings, and do my best to
make EVERY day a celebration of you. Period.
I have read so much, watched a lot more, and I can’t find ONE god damn thing I
don’t find myself hysterically nodding yes in agreement about.
Tommorra we as a country, as a socially responsible collective whole, honor
everything you championed.
We all have dreams. You had one, I have some, we all got a few.
They make reality possible.
Consider tommorra a dope bday present. Its the very least we could do. I’m sorry
it took us so long to get it to you.

In respect and glory, I learned one of the coolest things ever reading from your
There is no glory in the finish line. The glory is all over me in the process to
gettin there.
I forget this a lot. And it makes me angry. But I’m in the ballgame just thinkin
about that.

I can’t thank you enough for all of it.

My son is a better man, because you bettered my brain.


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