January 21, 2009

Monster in the Box (Chris Brown)

[youtube=]I stole this topic from my best friend because it’s just so god damn true and funny.
We’ve all had one. That ubery hot Mama that you just seem to have no control over. You love her, you want her, she makes you gleam, but at any point she could lay waste to you. Maybe she’s a bit unstable. Maybe you know you have no business bein with her, but it’s just too good and psychotic to give up.
It’s you very own MONSTER IN THE BOX.
Poor Chris Brown. Sweet kid, nice dance moves, good lookin, and without the necessary skillset emotionally to deal with this slinky, yet HIGHLY AMBITIOUS Uber.

Good Luck dude, it’s gonna end real shitty.

And it’s no one’s fault.

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