January 21, 2009

Attn: Skank-Ho part Deux

You just can’t seem to find yourself off the shane powers fuckin shitlist.
I’d like to be able to temper my disgroust of you and everything you publicly
stand for.
I gotta believe you are just like the rest of us, albeit a bit more fucked up
My new grounch on you is this lovely quote you gave to “In Touch” weekly.
Let’s screech to a halt here. This should be a MAJOR tip-off to most that
somethin aint right in fuckin Denmark.
The lovely quote was in regards to why she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring the
night of the Globes.

“It didn’t fit the dress”.

Now for most of us, this just seems so completely fuckin outta whack that it
immediately made me blurt out “what?!” When I was in an airport full of people.

And yet again, its pretty consistent with Skank-Ho.

She has proven through her behavior that the MARRIAGE is considered the

But the DRESS is the fuckin priority.

God damn I fuckin can’t imagine the shitty, broken down information those kids
are catchin daily.

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