January 21, 2009

Attn: Chief Fucktard

[youtube=]Hey John Roberts. You may have more braincells in your left big toe nail than I have in my entire body, but even I wouldn’t have fucked this up.
In what could be regarded as one of the five biggest moments in the 200 plus years of American history, you stood, stared, and then wrongly delivered the wording of the Presidential oath of office, in what will be the most signifigant inaugural you will ever preside over.
You’ve only had MONTHS to get it right.

There’s no get back here. You fuckin blew it. And there’s nothing in the near future that will top the first African-American being elected President.
While you are at home dialing up the heroin dealer, you better be praying that a gay female black Muslim gets elected down the road, cause no matter how hard you try to overturn Roe V Wade, your’e gonna be remembered for the Anglo LOUSE that couldn’t get a paragraph right.

good work dipshit.

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