January 18, 2009


Busy in Brownville chasing down one of two sows that got loose early this morning. The whole time I’m running around wondering what Shane is doing in Utah? Can’t be as much fun as hunting down a big pig in the snow, right? I don’t know.

A couple of months back, I saw this pic of him surrounded by some HOT BABES, and I sent a text calling dibs on one, and well, I just checked her Facebook profile, and shit, she is in Utah. I’m blogging while he is holed up in a ski lodge with the hottest bunny since the ChapStick girl.

YouTube Preview Image

All the hot babes in Brownville are mine. You get none! On another note, how many fuckin’ friends do you have now-a-days? I thought you were gonna privatize the Facebook account and keep the MySpace for Survivor fans? You are like an insecure sixteen year old girl on FB. Nobody has 800+ friends! It is impossible! You have a few, and I’m one of them, and I’m not even on your Top Friends List on Facebook. Go figure!

I digress. Back to that pig. Two more years of giving birth and off to the hot dog & bacon factory. She might become one of those Big Ball Park Franks you get at a Dodger game!

*Note: Broadcasting from Brownville, Nebraska by Guest Poster Joey Brown – Powers will be back whenever that shin-ding in Utah ends.

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