January 13, 2009

Time to let it gooooooooo……..

YouTube Preview ImageBy far the best moment of the Globes, I was so stoked that someone posted this clip for about a nano-second and then the music starts, and I couldn’t help but howl about some lady out there who has gone to see Revolutionary Road 11 times, hoping that at some point the movie is gonna change, the town will flood, and “Jack and Rose” will be donning life jackets, as Billy Zane runs out of a house and bashes Jack in the eye with an oar and stands over him with that bad Smarmy voice and says, “neeeoott the beeeaattaahh hhaaallff”.
This is a great fuckin movie, and both of these peeps can seriously throw down.
I would venture to say that she doesn’t win without his selflessness he brought to the whole project. Most of the time you get two actors like this and it becomes a monster ego showdown.
They both looked fuckin smokin last night too.
I’ve already made it clear on here that I’m a big fan of Leonard-O. His performance in this movie made me a bigger fan. Not because he’s not consistently fuckin rad, but because he allowed her the space to shine.
And you know she knows this because of her speech.

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