January 12, 2009

Aks and you shall RECEIVE!

There are no dummies readin

Kimberly said…
I have been curious about this as well…here is what I found.

Actually “aks” comes from middle English and “ask” is modern English. Consider that the majority of slave plantations were owned by Americans with British roots and that explains it. “aks” was still widely used in England during the European/American slave trade period. It is called a metathesis, but it metathesized from “aks” to “ask”, not vice-versa. To take it back to Old English, “ascian” and “axian/acsian” were both in use.

Other metathesized words in English
asteriks – asterisk
brid – bird
calavry – cavalry
comftable – comfortable
foiladge – foliage
intorduce – introduce
intergal – integral
revelant – relevant


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