January 9, 2009

a word about Orgasms

Seein the facial expression on a man when he reaches the “Big Moment” is about the creepiest shit imaginable. It’s almost enough to make me wanna practice in the fuckin mirror so I don’t look like the above.
It’s definately a real bummer to realize that I have been on top of a loved one lookin down on her in the most happy physical time there is, and she’s lookin back at the guy that looks like he just found out he didn’t tivo the right start time for the Super Bowl.
I mean fuck….How do any of you mamas don’t start laughing hysterically, or fuckin run outta the house in horror.
And to make matter worse, you guys look so beautiful and outta hand yummy.
This is really a bummer on a multitude of levels.
I really try to be a givin dude in bed. I like havin sex. BUT, I’m also real unhappy that at “dinner time” for Snakely Mcsnakels, I’m lookin like I just stubbed my toe in the middle of the night lookin for the half of that Snickers I didn’t finish.


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