January 7, 2009

Attention Black Comedians, minus Rock

I’m fuckin over it. All of you are by and large not funny. You all have the same fuckin routine man. Whitey holdin you down, roaches in your house, whites havin bad style, whites not dancin cool and not payin the phone bill.
NEWSFLASH. If you are a black comedian, whatever you are thinkin is funny, has BEEN FUCKIN GROUND INTO THE DIRT!!!!
“We in the house”, “give it up fo my dogz”, and “big up Brooklyn”, are fuckin OVER!
Please don’t forget the always funny “can’t get a job” bit. Cause we haven’t laughed at that a BILLION FUCKIN TIMES!
The great black comedians were great because they told stories, used wrap-arounds, studied their craft of bein a comedian.
Chris Rock has evolved into the same. A genuinely talented comedian. In the vein of of Pryor, Cosby, and Murphy.
But just like the ton of white fuckin hacks, there’s twice as many black hacks.
If the joke entails a cookout or ribs, please skip it.
And please tuck the Timberlands into the closet.


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