January 1, 2009

Help me Understand

Why in the fuck do Mamas do this?!
I don’t have a judgement about normal surgery, although typically I’m not a fan.
But this is fuckin stupid.
I don’t wanna put my already feeble cock between a pair of tits that make him look EVEN smaller.
And that “two bowling balls weirdly inserted into my mama” vibe just don’t seem like a fun trip.
I’ve seen some naturally big breasted women do some delightfully evil tricks with tits. A woman named Gianna Michaels comes to mind. Bless her heart and hit now for treats, but this broad up here, and millions like her fuckin trip me out.
Newsflash!!!!! the looks you get at the store are looks of pity and tryin to briefly get inside your mind to understand why the fuck you would do this to your body. They aren’t mmmmmmmmm, yumm tumm looks.

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