December 31, 2008


Welcome to maybe the worst night of the year. Not because it’s not awesome, and the watching of the old year coming into the new one. The trenchcoat of a year of wounds, and mistakes bein shed for the new coat that will invariably look the same this time next year.
But because of the perverse expectations we all put on it.
It’s time for me to take a breath and realize I’m in exactly the right place. That I’m happy to be a part of whatver is around me. That I don’t have to have this chasing and desperate feeling in my gut that it’s definately more fun “over there”, wherever the fuck “over there” may be.
The human condition is all over me. And I wanna stop long enough each day to certainly try and find a daily reason to connect to, that isn’t about fillin my bank account, or arguin to be right, or suffocating someone else’s views so that I can “win”.
I want to find the proper amount of ambition so that I can enjoy “things and stuff” without having it be my “primary purpose” or how I define who I am.
All things are possible. This I know.

For us all.

So settle in. Find the joy where you are tonight, kiss that mama or papa like it’s the last time and the first time you will this year.

And remember that bravery is far more beautiful when it’s never seen or shown in the most mundane and casual behavior.

Life is right here and right now.

I wanna find it today.


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