December 28, 2008

Orange County Bar Brawl 92

Sweep the leg!!!!! And if that doesn’t work grab a beer bottle, or a chair, or a brass knuckle.
This UFC shit is fun, no doubt. But the idea that they try to compare it to an artform like boxing is ridiculous.
This is nothin more that fuckin badass doormen who have taken a few months of wrestlin classes. Period.
There’s a big card tonight, evidently. Not that I would fuckin know.
But I’m rollin up to a buddies to watch, and go “ooohhhh” and watch the timeless endeavor of men dominating other men. This I can apreciate.
Just don’t make me hang out with any of these guys. If you put every ufc dude on earth in a room, you still couldn’t drum up enough braincells to solve a beginner crossword puzzle.
Let the fuckin “rear naked chokes” (UFC term) commence!

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