December 24, 2008

Beware HSS (Holiday Sucka Syndrome)

No other time of year produces more fuckin nightmare relationships than this period right here.
The Holiday Sucka Syndrome.
From the day after Thanksgiving until Dec. 26th, all humans should postpone any decisions regarding commitment. Period.
You’re with that girl you been datin a bit, and still on the fence about her emotional state, and a couple of walks thru the local mall, and you’re fucked.
It’s the season man. Human beings ultimately WANT everything that this time is. The season of giving. The season of family. The season of increased intimacy. All these things rulem sure.
But never have I seen more people tryin to fit a square peg in a round hole more than at this time.
Persoanlly I am not immune. Who doesn’t wanna feel the immense nature of “bein together” around the fire, giidy-eyed, and full of the love high, whilst tots tear wrapping paper from the boxes of treats anxiously await……. oh fuck THAT!!!!
Don’t fuckin take the bait. It’s a monster trick. And all single people on Earth should put all major decisions regarding commitment on hold.
Your prospective mama or papa looks better, sounds better, fucks better, communicates better, slinks better, makes more sense. I’M FUCKING TELLING YOU NOW!! IT’S THE HOLIDAY LIGHTING!!!!!!

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