December 21, 2008

Faruco Bowl 16

On a purely gratuitous post that NO ONE will give a shit about, I, after 15 long years, am in the title game of my keeper fantasy football league. The Farco Football League was formed in 1992, and I joined the year after in 1993. Pictured above is me, owner of the Sorry Sal’s Stormin Tumors with the coach I play against tommorra, Joe Craig, and his team The Cragorian Apocalyptic Valkyries.
Back when you had to wait for the paper on monday, and add up your stats with pencil and paper, the journey to this game has been long and arduous. Havin gotten one game away for three years outta the 15 I’ve been around, it’s a big fuckin day tommorra.
All my ex-girlfriends have gotten used to the yelling at the tv every sunday in the fall. They have all gotten used to them “bein served up as sexual slaves to players who do well”. All have gotten ok with the wearing of jerseys the night before.
Well, the time is here. Destiny is at my feet. And I’d like to thank everyone in my life who got us here. You share a piece of this title if we win it tommorra.
May The Sorry Sal’s Stormin Tumors wreack havoc ove The Cragorian Apocolyptic Valkyries tommorra.
I’ve waited to so very long……….

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