December 21, 2008

Att: "Shoddy" you run of the mill gangsta bore

Yo Shoddy thug bitch. I would fight you, which is not a good sign of your marketing. Cause if you wanna be the next hard ass, I gotta be fuckin terryfied of you for “thug life” routine to work.
I would absolutely step to you, and knock those fugaze jouster shades right off your melon. Would you more than likely beat my ass? Sure. But I still WOULD.
I think we’re ALL a bit tired of this one man.
And T.I. My mancrush. Don’t even give this hoodrat the time of day. He’s just using you to get some facetime on Hip-Hop weekly.
Just get back to FUCKING ANYONE YOU WANT AT ANYTIME. It’s such a better look.
You’ve made your loot. Get outta this routine.
It’s time for ychts, cha,pagne, dumb cars, dumber rims, and plowing through an ass line-up that is still forming across 50 states.
This “Shoddy” dude looks like he smells like bbq. Which aint a bad thing, unless he’s sweatin next to you in a leather jacket, in a bad ed hardy shirt.
Peace it out gents.

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